Individual Cremation

The term individual cremation means that at the time of cremation your pet is the only pet in the cremation chamber.

Our Individual pet cremation ensures that your pet is cremated with dignity and respect, and that your pets ashes are returned to you. All cremations take place in a state of the art & environmentally approved crematory, designed especially for pet cremation.

Inside of CrematoriumWe understand that each family has different needs when dealing with the loss of a beloved companion. We do offer viewed cremation for individuals or families that want to be present for the cremation of their pet. Customers are invited to say farewell in private to their pet and be there for as much of the cremation process that they feel comfortable with. Viewed cremations are scheduled in advance, please let us know if this is something you are interested in.

At Peaceful Acres we take the responsibility of transportation and the holding of you pets body before cremation very seriously. When we are receiving a pets body from a veterinary hospital or a private customer, we keep detailed records which include:


  • Date/time of original call
  • Date/time pet was picked up / received
  • Date/time of the individual cremation
  • Date/time of cremains returned


Tag for Pet Identification

During all stages the information is kept clearly labeled with your pet. Before the cremation process starts, all information is verified again. Your pet is then assigned a small stainless steel tag, this tag is then put with your pet. This tag provides numerical identification that can be kept with your pet throughout the entire cremation process. When the cremation process is completed the tag is matched to our paperwork to ensure there is no room for error.

For more detailed information regarding cremations please check our Q&A section or feel free to give us a call or email.