Below are a few common questions that we are regularly asked.  Should you have more questions please feel free to call or email our office. Click on the question to expand the answer.

Unfortunately burials in the winter are not possible our burials start late spring and end in the late fall.

Our cemetery is open for visitation everyday during daylight hours, spring summer and fall.

If you want a individual cremation for your pet but you do not want the ashes returned to you, the cremation is the same as normal, and the ashes are then spread on our property in the country side. Burial plots are available in our cemetery at a additional cost.

If we have been entrusted with your pet from your Veterinarian, please check with them to see when you can pick up your pet’s ashes. We have scheduled service for each location, and that will determine when your pet’s ashes will be at your Veterinarian’s, please check with them to see which day your pets ashes will be returned.

The time required for the cremation of a pet varies from 40 minutes to 2 hours depending on the weight of your pet. The cooling and preparation of the ashes after the cremation typically takes between 15 and 45 minutes.

Individual cremation sometimes called private cremation means that only one pet is being cremated at any given time.

Peaceful Acres uses a tag ID system, this tag is assigned to your pet when they are taken into our care, this tag number is matched to your pets name and information the tag stays with your pet through the entire cremation process. Additionally, we log and record all information including when your pet was picked up, when your pet was cremated and when your pet was returned. We do understand that some people need a little more assurance. We offer our “Witnessed Cremation” option for those wishing to stay for all or any part of the process, so there will be absolutely no doubt remaining.